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We specialize in commercial cleaning, no job to little or to big. We’ve handled them all within the last 30 years of commercial cleaning in Jacksonville.

The Beauty of Outsourcing Commercial Janitorial Services

Office furniture, carpet, interior décor and janitorial supplies is a hefty expense for any office to maintain a professional atmosphere.

It is also important to maintain a clean, healthy environment for employees, clients, and visitors alike.


Regular office cleaning of carpet is important to remove allergens and office furniture should be well taken care of and maintained regularly to ensure its long life.

Otherwise, an office would need to buy new furniture and desks earlier which can terribly hurt its budget.

Leather and cloth sofas and chairs are at the top of the list because they are pieces of office furniture that are difficult to maintain.

For one, leather or cloth should not be exposed to direct sunlight as it can damage the material.

Use a desk pad with or without calendar to prevent scratches on the surface of the desk top.

Desks should also be regularly cleaned and polished with a soft cloth and cleaning products specifically formulated for the desks material.

Clean Master Services takes great pride in their commercial and janitorial cleaning services.

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